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Additional Services Offered

Visitation Supervision

We offer therapeutic supervised visitation and professional supervised visitation for Cook and Will County. Supervised visitation services are designed to assist non-custodial parents and family members spend time with the minor(s) in a comfortable, supportive environment. This setting provides the relationship to safely continue and strengthen in the presence of a Masters level clinician. In many cases, having an objective third party facilitate visits and exchanges helps to ease the stress of the visiting time for everyone involved, particularly the children. The clinician's priority is to ensure the welfare of the minors, and to respect the relationship of the child with each parent and family member.

In therapeutic supervised visitation, the counselor works alongside the family to facilitate the visitations. The counselor will offer support and empathy, while using the time to meet a variety of needs. This may include assisting or creating therapeutic conversation, or helping with conflict resolution. This process is intended to help foster a natural relationship with the family members in a safe environment with the help of a counselor.

In professional supervised visitation, the counselor facilitates the exchange of the children for the visitations with the non-custodial parent or family. The clinician is present for the duration of the visitation, ensuring that the interactions are safe and appropriate throughout the length of the visit. The counselor interjects only if necessary, so that the relationship can continue as organically as possible.


$100 per 60 minute visitation session. $150 for initial session.

Safe exchanges can be provided when an order of protection is in place for an additional fee.

Holiday sessions available for an increased rate.

For visitations, please leave a voicemail for Rachel at (708) 431-3520.

Please be advised: the visitation supervisor reserves the right to terminate the visitation if she deems fit at any time, for any reason.

Mental Health Evaluations

Mental Heath Evaluations are available when requested by your attorney or Guardian ad litem (GAL) and can generally be scheduled within one week of contact. The length required for an evaluation can vary based on complexity and what is required for your specific situation. Mental Health Evaluations include the time met with the counselor (between 60 and 120 minutes; 1 or 2 sessions) and the report written by the counselor following the sessions.


Fees vary based on the time of the evaluation and the length and level of detail of the report. Cash rates available. Fees

will be discussed on the phone with the counselor prior to the session.

For Mental Health Evaluations, please leave a voicemail for Blythe at (708) 431-3520.

Safe Exchanges

Safe exchanges are designed to allow the peaceful and worry-free exchange of the children from custodial to non-custodial parent by a neutral, professional party. This ensures that the children are not exposed to the stress, conflict or volatility in their parents' relationship, and can simply look forward to the exchange without the concern of what may occur. Sometimes safe exchanges are court-ordered, and other times parents independently choose to do safe exchanges simply for the benefit and well-being of their children.

In the beginning stages of the safe exchange, the clinician coordinates the exchange with both parents separately. Times of pick up and drop off are structured to allow a length of time where the child remains with the clinician so that there is no overlap or necessary communication between the parents. The exchange is documented and recorded by the clinician.

Evenings and weekend time available.

For safe exchanges, please call Rachel at (708) 431-3520

Custody Mediation

We offer custody mediation to assist parents in the process of a divorce. After a couple decides on a divorce, there are often difficulties in making joint decisions with respect to the best interest of the children regarding custody and/or visitation. Discussing important decisions involving your children can be especially challenging during this highly sensitive and often conflictual time. As trained professional counselors, we can facilitate this process while offering empathy and objectivity. This is the beginning of an ongoing process towards negotiating and collaborating to meet your childrens' best interests. Getting the right kind of help in this process, at an affordable price can be one of the most important decisions you will make.

If you are divorcing or separating, please call us and let us help you learn how to divorce in a way that will help your family stay healthy through a difficult transition.

The average length of time for custody mediation in a counselor setting is 3-5 sessions. However, our services remain available if the parents ever decide to open up the discussion to change custody agreements.

As counselors, we offer custody mediation at less than half of the price most people pay for an attorney-mediator. 


$150 per 60 minute session.

This includes necessary communication with each individual's attorney, at no additional cost.

For mediations, please call Blythe at (708) 431-3520